Silverstripe Silvershop Multi Currency

Silverstripe Version: 4.5.1

Question: Is there anyway to add an extra currency to Silvershop

I have seen much talk whilst searching for a solution, about updating Silvershop to include Multi Currency ability but nothing has been mentioned since a 2017 can anyone shed any light if this or any other module exists or Silvershop has updated this ability. I have a client who wants to update his site to include Euros aswell as the default Pounds.

Found under issues on the Silvershop Core git page @bummzack was following up this in Oct 2017

Not sure where the modules are in terms of being up to date but creating your own solution is not impossible, you can start with something like

namespace Digitweaks\SilverShopMultiCurrency;

use SilverStripe\ORM\DataObject;

class CustomShopCurrency extends DataObject

private static $table_name = 'SilverShopMultiCurrency_CustomShopCurrency';

private static $db = [
    'Code' => 'Varchar(3)', // Currency code (e.g., USD, EUR)
    'Symbol' => 'Varchar(10)', // Currency symbol (e.g., $, €)
    'DecimalDelimiter' => 'Varchar(1)',
    'ThousandDelimiter' => 'Varchar(1)',
    'AppendSymbol' => 'Boolean'

private static $summary_fields = [
    'Code' => 'Code'


then add an extension to the OrderItem like

class OrderItemExtension extends Extension

    public function Currency()
        $controller = CurrencySwitcher::create();
        $codeCurrency = $controller->getCurrentCurrency();
        $currency = CustomShopCurrency::get()->filter(['Code' => $codeCurrency])->First();
        return $currency->Symbol(); 

Obviously it’s just an example, but that’s the idea.