SilverStripe users Slack

Hey folks!

As you might be aware, there’s a community Slack channel that’s being used. If you’re not on it, you can sign up here

This slack workspace is also archived and searchable via the StripeSlackBot or on the public archive website

If you find a relevant topic that might be worth a topic here on the forums, feel free to duplicate it to here.


Thanks for the link to the slack archive @Firesphere

How can I get the wider context of a specific message in the archive? E.g. I found when I statet “it works now” after trying for hours some weeks ago, but the link to the specific message just shows some messages above and below.

I’d need to show the whole discussion to someone that has the same problem now…

Slack doesn’t give a reason/relation to the original message. Except for Threads. But it gives threads in a very awkward way, so I’m working on implementing that in a useable way.

For now, I’d say, click back-and-forth between messages to get a bit more of the context.

Also, do keep in mind, sometimes a question is “Thing doesn’t work” without any extra information, followed by “It works now”, which is a bit useless, generally speaking :slight_smile:

Of course… In this special case I was searching for a thread where we found the solution together in slack and I finally wrote “it works now” - with another keyword I found in the search.

But the discussion was over some hours in the afternoon - and the link to the message doesn’t have page back and forth, so I wasn’t able to see the whole conversation.

I’ve added an issue for it on the board. For now, the slackbot is a private repo, because I’m not really happy with the code yet. It’s very plain PHP so far, I want it to be more efficient. Message me on Slack if you want me to add a feature to the site or the bot itself

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