SiteTree links missing after upgrading from SS4.10->4.11/12

Silverstripe Version: 4.10


I’m trying to upgrade from SS4.10 to SS4.12. It appears to all work fine via composer update and running dev/build, but when I go into the CMS pages section, all the links within the site tree are missing - page titles, structure etc all looks normal, just can’t click on any of the titles to open and edit a page. I can access a page via the browser by typing in the link, but can’t click in the site tree itself.

The same happens if I try and upgrade to SS4.11

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Could it be a php or sql issue?

Have chased it down to an extension in one of my .yml files:

- Taitava\CMSEditLink\DataObjectExtension

When this extension is disabled, the site tree links reappear. Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone else encountering the same problem.

It could be all kinds of things :smiley:

Are there any errors in the browser console?
Are there any errors logged in PHP / server logs?
Do you have the site in dev mode?
Are there any modules / extensions on tne SiteTree or Page classes?

Site is in dev mode on my local machine - not live yet.

Starting from a clean install of SS4.12 I’m able to install all the third-party modules via composer without any apparent issues… other than one deprecation warning when running dev/build using php8 (running dev/build using php7.4 produces no errors or warnings). Menu loads fine in this case. Modules include some on SiteTree classes and they seem fine so far, but I’ll test config files for those next…

I’ll continue adding in my own extensions, config etc until I hit something I guess.

Silverstripe 4.12 included a big update to jQuery, so you may be having trouble with the front-end resources - make sure you run composer vendor-expose and do a flush in your browser (add ?flush=1 to the end of the URL).

If you’re still having trouble after that, check if there are any errors in the developer console of your browser.

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thanks for the suggestion - ran composer vendor-expose and ?flush=1 (I generally always do this after dev/build). I get the same deprecation warning on one module in both:

  • Case 1: my clean install + modules (as above) and
  • Case 2: my updated SS4.10->4.12 install

Case 1 SiteTree links work, Case 2 they don’t. Will keep hunting.