[SOLVED]CsvBulkLoader not showing Import field

**Silverstripe Version:3.6.6

Why is my CsvBulkLoader not showing the import field?

I did exactly the steps described in https://docs.silverstripe.org/en/3/developer_guides/integration/csv_import/, but I only get an “Export to CSV” and a “print” button to see. The import field is not showing.

Here is what I have done:

class ProductAdmin extends ModelAdmin {

    private static $managed_models = array('Product');

    private static $url_segment = 'product';

    private static $model_importers = array('Product' => 'ProductCsvBulkLoader');

class ProductCsvBulkLoader extends CsvBulkLoader {

    public $columnMap = array(
        'Product Title' => 'Title',..);
    public $duplicateChecks = array(
		'Product Title' => 'Title'
    public $relationCallbacks = array(
        'ModelInfo.Title' => array(
            'relationname' => 'ModelInfo',
            'callback' => 'getModelInfoByTitle'

    public static function getModelInfoByTitle (&$obj, $val, $record){
        return ModelInfo::get()->filter('Title', $val)->First();

The same for the ModelInfo.
Am I missing something? I copied and pasted all names to exclude a typo error.

Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Update: There was nothing wrong with my code.
Found it!
The import field shows when you click on the top right hand corner Search icon, not next to the Export to CSV and Print button as I expected it to find.

Thanks bro, u saved my day hahahaha