Some advice needed

Hi Everyone not sure where to post this but;

31y lad here from the Netherlands. I have plenty of knowledge of anything electrical related.

However i’m starting a business of my own and I need a website. I figured this perhaps would be a decent place to start asking some questions.
What i’m looking for is a website where people can buy products, have their own account, but also sell their products a bit similar towards ebay also with a search engine,
pictures, different language options, reviews, different payment systems and so on.

I have pretty much no knowledge of website building. Now I know I can have this done professionally, and most likely will. However I will need to manage my website and I figured having some knowledge and knowhow can be useful if i lets say want to change an icon/text/color or layout perhaps.

Where would you suggest that I start?
Is something like wordpress or silverstripe a right direction to start playing with?
If I let my website get made professionally, is there usually a user friendly system to manage it?

The reason I want to have some of my own hands in this, i’m starting with a new business and a new idea. I don’t want to fully invest right away professionally
Ideally i’d like to build my website, even if its in pages not fully functional and then hand it over to a pro. It’s more to get my theme/layout idea going and see if i; m missing anything and have general concept/direction. So im looking for an easy system, but if it has a learning curve that is not a problem for me. As long as I can build something for a sense of direction.

Thank you for any advice anyone can give,



My advice would be find an web agency near you an let them advise you. Your requirements are not as trivial as you may think.

There are hosted solutions out there that may be a better fit and be cheaper than letting someone build you a webshop. There is, and lots more.

Silverstripe is a Content Managment System. That means some dev sets it up for you and you put in your content your self. Usually you have the possibility to add content and some predefiened styling.

I think it is not about the cms system you choose it depends on how it is set up. Every CMS has its pros and cons.

If this is your first website that you build and you want a shop it can be very challenging and time consuming to achive that.

PS. My personal opinion is don’t do it with wordpress and let someone built it for you.

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