Split screen mode for data objects

Is it possible to (re)use the admin layout used for pages with the split screen mode for a data object?

The use case is I’ll have about 100+ data object records and I’d like admins to see the same page in the split mode.

It’s a map, and the DO’s are areas of interest on the map. End goal is they can click the map in split mode so I can get the x y coords of the click.

It wasn’t perfect, but it was better

I haven’t tried that before, I’m sure it would be possible some how but might take a lot of mucking around. Maybe this module could suit your purpose instead?

Hey Jono, thanks for the reply and link.

This isn’t a real map. It’s a big vector illustration of a map.

Okay, have a look at this one then. It’s not documented (I whipped it up quickly for a single project) but if you peek the source you might be able to modify it to suit your purposes.

Coming back around to this.

I’ve tried these two modules - neither seemed to work with 4.4

Any pointers of how to get the split screen/cms preview working for data objects would be great!

Hi @LanceH

not sure if still of interest, it’s been a while, but I fixed the issue with the preview on the ModelAdmin, see updated docs on GitHub - arillo/silverstripe-dataobject-preview: Preview your dataobjects like pages in the SilverStripe CMS.

Let me know if it works like you expect.

Cheers, appreciate your efforts on it. I’ll circle back to this and let you know :+1: