Split screen mode for data objects

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Is it possible to (re)use the admin layout used for pages with the split screen mode for a data object?

The use case is I’ll have about 100+ data object records and I’d like admins to see the same page in the split mode.

It’s a map, and the DO’s are areas of interest on the map. End goal is they can click the map in split mode so I can get the x y coords of the click.


I haven’t tried that before, I’m sure it would be possible some how but might take a lot of mucking around. Maybe this module could suit your purpose instead?


Hey Jono, thanks for the reply and link.

This isn’t a real map. It’s a big vector illustration of a map.


Okay, have a look at this one then. It’s not documented (I whipped it up quickly for a single project) but if you peek the source you might be able to modify it to suit your purposes.