staticpublishque there is no queue

I’m migrating a Project form SS3 to SS4. The new staticpublishqeue modul is a massive setback compared to the old one.
Even if its still called staticpublishQUEUE there is no queue anymore.
Is there a way to get staticpublishque v3 to work with SS4? Or do I completly have to reinvent the wheel?

For Explanation my Problems with the new staticpublishqueue:

I’ve a CMS for a soccerteam with a Website and a Rest-API for the App.
Booth Website and RestAPI need static publishing.

So when there are same TickerEvents and at the same time I’ve stats some to import for example, it can happen, that I’ve on URL 5 times at once in the Queue. The old Modul caches it once and deletes it all from the queue.
Now if I always have new jobs it will cache forever my /jsonapi/ticker for example and never gets time to finish the rest.
Thanks of Priorities I could even do a full cache task during liveticker and everything was fine. Now fullcache is one task, that takes ours and uses 4GB of Memory (why ever).