Swift_SmtpTransport do not send and no error

Silverstripe Version: CMS 4.1.2

Question: How can I see errors, if mail returns 1 but no email is delivered?

I have tested several different smtp servers and for some reason one of them does not send.

  • Google Gmail - sends ok, but for some reason - sent from email is set the one You use to log in to smtp (I guess the reason for that is how Google has built it’s email sending)
  • Rackspace - sends Ok, and all goes as needed.
  • One other SMPT server - from mail computer via Outlook, it sends emails like a charm! But for some reason - via Swift_SMTP it does not. I mean it gets the send Boolean as true, but no email is actually sent and I cannot figure out why. Any ideas how to debug it?

I checked - Swift has plugin that allows to use logger. But as far as I can see, I cannot access it via SS (also checked - the logger IS included to vendor).

Your email account will return an email if there is an issue. This is in the form of a bounceback message. Typically, these returned messages will let you know why the sent email failed. Some bounceback error messages are easier to understand than others.