symlinks removed when uploaded to server

Ver: SS 4.4

HI All,
ive created a site on my local ver 4.4( latest) and all works fine.
But upon uploading via ftp to the remote server, all the folders in _resources have lost all the symlinks.

Is this right? do i really need to recreate them on the remote server or does someone have any ideas why this has happened?


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FTP will often cause this kind of issue, it can also be caused by having a different development and deployment environment. You have a couple of options:

If you can run composer on your production server, go to the webroot for the site and run composer vendor-expose - this should recreate all the links

Alternatively, you can change the way the resources are managed so they don’t use symlinks any more, but actually use copies of the base files. On your local environment, you can run composer vendor-expose copy - Once that’s done, you should have real files in the resources directory that will survive the FTP process.

Thank you,
composer vendor-expose copy worked fine and all uploaded good.

Thanks Again