Template not rendering the form


I am just a new learner on SliverStripe CMS. I try to create the form on the template, but my template does not seem to work and does not render my form or any HTML codes inside the .ss file.

I am just thinking it is about the route issue, but I am still have no cule how to solve this issue. If someone could guide me to solve this problem I would be really appreicated!.

A couple of things to try:

  1. I don’t think your page knows that it has a specific controller, so your form methods might not be available in your page scope. Try adding:
    private static $controller_name = InterviewCandidateController::class;
    to your page class (then dev/build?flush)

  2. You shouldn’t need the <% %> around your form token in the template. Just $CandidateSubmissionForm should be enough

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Thank you this is already been solved🙂

Could you share the solution, in case someone else finds this thread with the same issue?