The Beginner Tutorial

The Beginner Tutorial for SS4 is not updated!!, i can’t understand the process and im a beginner, please help!

Can you be any more specific with the problems you’re having? It’s obviously a little tricky to offer help without knowing more about what you’ve already tried, where you got stuck, etc.

it looks like the tutorial or lessons for the new version of silverstripe is not updated, so im having a hard time studying it, the folders specified in the old tutorial are different from the new version so im a confused.

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Did you check out the lessons here? -

The current ‘Create your first project’ tutorial at…

…makes reference to the ‘mysite’ directory, which no longer exists in the code-base you get if you do a composer install of 4.2 (having been replaced/updated by ‘app’).

If you’re following the instructions word-for-word this might make things a little confusing.

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