The Editor - Any (much-needed) plans for that

As much as I enjoy SS, and been using it heavily for the past two years, I’m also thoroughly fed up with your content editor and, seeing all the improvement efforts being placed on all other aspects except that, I’m kinda thoroughly disgusted by the thought that anyone should find it adequate and without any need of a serious revamp, which kinda echos the praise you’ve added on your site re your CMS.
I honestly think that something as humdrum as MS Notepad puts your content editor to shame.
It keeps fighting on alignment and seems to always want to do its own thing–been the same on four different installs across three versions; something that makes me swear that much, I can do without!
I’m near the point of scrapping all of SS because of it, which is extremely limited anyhow, making me more efficient doing things from scratch and outside of it.

Is it that, for the majority of SS developers, content isn’t their focus and, so, the editor is generally considered plenty good, or is there an add-on all are using that I haven’t managed to find and I’m simply not aware of.
Any tips or hack someone can offer.


The content editor is just TinyMCE, so it’s fairly standard across CMS systems. It does mean that there are a number of additional plug-ins and options that can be set, depending what issues you want to solve.

The best thing would probably be to look at the things which are causing you frustration specifically, and people may be able to offer suggestions based on those problems.
The Silverstripe CMS is open-source, so there’s always an opportunity to contribute back to the project if you have fixes which improve the overall usability of the code.

In case you haven’t already found it, the docs page for the editor is here:

That covers some of the ways to configure / adapt the editor.

Thanks, Tim, for your reply.
Hit ultimate frustration yesterday. Issues are mostly linked with styles and adjustments, in that I feel I may have gotten the ‘lucky if what you want is what you get’ (liwywiwyg) version. Alignment buttons have no effect despite changing the class, and I have to go through hoops to force what I want with CSS.
My general p, img and other styles shouldn’t, and don’t seem to, overwrite what’s set in the editor, yet…

Did a few CMS theme adjustments to maximize the text area and I was able to activate the bulk of plug-in features, which already sit in the TinyMCE vendor’s folder. I also rewrote the alignment defs and altered the class generator so it no longer overwrites any class, IDs, too, that inserted through the editor’s HTML/source code side.

Think I’ll package it up as a CMS theme add-on, but I’ll need to read up on that first.


They have no effect in the editor or when viewing the page?

For alignment, you’ll need the css that the editor adds. For example right align adds a css class text-right. If you don’t have css to act on that class it won’t do anything.