The SS framework in comparison to other frameworks


Because I’m new to Silverstripe, I’d like to know how it compares to other PHP frameworks, such as CodeIgniter.


Silverstripe isn’t exactly a ‘framework’ in the same way that something like Codeigniter is.

It’s true to say that Silverstripe is based on a modern PHP framework, currently compatible with PHP >8.1. It features a powerful ORM, and a cascading templating system, and is built on strong MVC foundations.

What (in my opinion) really sets it apart is that it ships with a powerful CMS system out of the box. This provides a clear page-management system, that’s easy to use for content editors. It also provides a great deal of automatic creation of editing forms and CMS controls for your custom data models.

Like any complex project, it’s not without its own quirks… but you’ll find a lot of developers here who have been using Silverstripe for a very long time (myself included) because it makes life so much simpler on so many projects!

So, SS is not like Codeigniter, but more like Processwire? Like a content management framework?

I’m not familiar with Processwire, but a quick glance at the website suggests that it’s somewhat different. Silverstripe is built around MVC (so no echo statements in the templates).

Silverstripe does have a powerful framework sitting underneath the CMS, and it’s widely used for more than just CMS work. It’s hard to be too specific giving direct comparisons against other projects, since there is inevitably a lot of overlap and a number of differences.

Ok, got it. Thank you!