The SS4 developer documentation is absolutely wonderful!

I have been building/upgrading a few sites lately and I have to say the current documentation (Lessons and Developer Docs) is amazing. Almost every question I have is answered in there. The days of swearing and struggling to find the answer to seemingly obvious issues are gone.

I’d recommend SilverStripe to new developers based solely on the quality of the support documentation. OK, maybe there are more reasons than just that. But the documentation exposes the full power of SS4 to even the most basic of developers.

Thank you so much for putting in the effort to create this resource.



Thanks for the kind words Bruce, that’s really encouraging to hear! We do try to put a lot of effort into documentation, both for new features (part of our “acceptance criteria”), and revising existing docs (e.g. Clarify versioned usage docs · Issue #150 · silverstripe/silverstripe-versioned · GitHub). I’ve shared your message with all the product team members on our Slack channel, they’re stoked!

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Thank you very much Bruce! I think your words will reassure developers who are about to upgrade :slight_smile:

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