Theme select missing from settings page

I have installed new ss themes but the theme selector field is not showing on the settings page? How can I activate the new theme i have installed??

As a follow-up, once you have added the theme to the yml file, if you still want the ability to switch the theme from the CMS there’s a module to help with that by @andante :



(I’m going to assume SS4)

The theme selector isn’t present any more by default. You can activate the theme by adding its name to the app.yml file in your config directory.

Take a look at this page in the docs for the syntax: Themes – SilverStripe Documentation

hi tim
thanks for your help. I got that theme picker installed and added the new theme name in theme.yml and it worked perfectly…thanks a lot.
I have a ton of learning to go so undoubtedly will have more questions.
Cheers mate.

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