This form requires a POST submission


I’m getting an “This form requires a POST submission” error on the admin login screen after submitting credentials. This only happens when I have an HTTP to HTTPS rewrite in my .htaccess. Does not happen if I pull the rewrite… any ideas?

Is the login form being loaded over the https or http?
What is the ‘base_href’ set to in the page source of the form?

  1. Your login form should only ever be loaded over HTTPS as you’re taking secure credntials.
  2. If your .htaccess is doing a 301 or 302 redirect to HTTPS the initial HTTP Method (ie: POST, PUT, DELETE, etc) is not respected and so you’d be performing a GET and not a POST after it’s redirected and the data would be lost.

Solution: Load your login form over HTTPS - better, load your whole site on HTTPS