TinyMCE: how can I translate buttons

Hi, I’m using SS 4.1.0
In TinyMCE, the ssmedia, sslink ans ssembed buttons have tooltips and dropdown labels that remain in English.
I have no idea where to find the language tables for these buttons.
Any clue about how to translate them ? Thanks !

I finally found a solution thanks to this thread.

I included my own fr.js file :

if (typeof(ss) === 'undefined' || typeof(ss.i18n) === 'undefined') {
  if (typeof(console) !== 'undefined') { // eslint-disable-line no-console
console.error('Class ss.i18n not defined');  // eslint-disable-line no-console
} else {
  ss.i18n.addDictionary('fr', {
"CMS.LINKLABEL_PAGE": "Lier à une autre page du site",
"Admin.LINKLABEL_EXTERNALURL": "Lier à une URL externe",
"Admin.LINKLABEL_EMAIL": "Lier à une adresse mail",
"AssetAdmin.LINKLABEL_FILE": "Lier à un fichier"

And then extended left and main in my yml config :

    - '/javascript/fr.js'
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