TinyMCE Settings

Hi, while I am not new to working on SS from a user’s point of view, this is my first install and I am just getting up to speed as far as the setup.

I wonder if anyone could tell me how to get the identical setup for TinyMCE as found on this page https://userhelp.silverstripe.org/en/4/creating_pages_and_content/creating_and_editing_content/editing_content/ but for V3 of SS.

The V4 TinyMCE setup comes with fewer buttons, but I have need for more functions which fall in line with that that particular page’s for V3.

Or, is there a configuration panel somewhere that I may have missed?

Thanks for any help.


For SS3 / TinyMCE the docs of my choice is GitHub - jonom/silverstripe-tinytidy: Control which styles are available in TinyMCE's style dropdown menu and what elements they can be applied to which has some good examples how to configure TinyMCE.

Hi wmk,

Thanks for the link! It looks like just the help that I need.

Your help is much appreciated.