Translatable-dataobject translate Image

Silverstripe Version: 3.6.7


I have a legacy project which is SS 3.6.7. The devs that build it used translateable and translatable-dataobject. The problem I am facing is our customer needs to upload an image per local to a DataObject.

I am afraid this is not possible out of the box as I found this
* Create an uploadfield that can be used in a translation context.
* Attaching, deleting, sorting will only be allowed in the master language.
* If the page is translated, only allow editing of file title/content (eg. translate)
in TranslatedFile.

My Question is has anyone an idea on how i could achieve that. I think i some how have to build a custom solution. Can some one please confirm that my assumptions are right.

My ideas are:
I build my own translatable-dataobjects that do that.
I switch to fluent.

I would be realy greatfull for any ideas or any thoughts on this topic.

If someone ever comes accross this: I kind a build a workaround. As there is no need for an different image for every language(in my case) I added a second image(AlternateImage) to the DO and a EnumField to each langugage where i check if we should display the AlternateImage or the DefaultImage.