Translatable - "two englishs" needed

Silverstripe Version:
3.5.1 with Translatable Module


Person whose native language is not English needs help setting up “Double-English” in Translatable.

Legacy project with following existing locales

  • de_DE (default)
  • en_US
  • ru_RU

needed locales:

  • de_DE (default)
  • en_US
  • ru_RU

“en_US” is our common english locale at the moment. Now we need an additional “real” US translation, since some products are not availabe for the US market (but everywhere else) and some information/content should differ on the US pages and dadaobjects.

As there is no “en_INTERNATIONAL” locale avaibalable: what would be the best way to distinguish or set up the two English versions? Should I change the current en_US to en_GB and add a new en_US?

What would be a common/understandable 2-digit Language Code (needed for the language selector)? Would “en” and “us” be suitable? It doesn’t “feel” right (language vs. region), but as mentioned above I’m not a native English speaker.

As i already have a custom “function LangSwitcher()” it wout be easily possible to add or modify labels/names in the returned array.

Anyone got any advice for me?
Perhaps it is commonplace and therefore a ridiculously simple problem for native English speakers…

Thanks a lot,

The locale for “english international” is en_001. Unfortunately Silverstripe CMS doesn’t have this locale by default, but it’s “just” a config value, so you can add it if needed

In your config.yml add:

en_001: 'English (International)

Then you should be able to add it to Translatable’s “allowed locales” setting.