Trouble Rendering Custom Template for Specific Page Type


I’m currently working on a project and have run into an issue with rendering a template. I’ve created a custom template file for a specific page type, but for some reason, it’s not being rendered properly when I navigate to the corresponding page in the browser.

I’ve double-checked the template file name, its location in the theme directory, and the naming conventions, but I’m still encountering this problem. Could someone please point me in the right direction on how to debug and troubleshoot template rendering issues in SilverStripe?

Your guidance and insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Can you please provide some specific information about your setup?
Namely, what the folder structure is for your project, and the name of both your class and the template file you’re trying to load? I know you said you’ve double checked the name and location of the file but I can’t tell you how many times something simple like a single missing character or capitalisation has tripped me up on things like this.

As far as more generic advise goes, you can see which templates are being used by adding the config from the template debugging docs, which might help if you’re seeing something is being rendered, but it’s not the template you expected.

If you find that the correct template is being rendered but isn’t rendering what you expected it to render, you can use the showtemplate get variable documented here to see exactly what that template is doing.

Finally, if you’re actually getting errors, it will help if you post those error messages here. Check your error logs as well.


Thank you for your guidance. Following your suggestions, I revisited the template files and realized there was a small typo in the template name. Once I corrected it, the rendering issue was resolved, and everything is working perfectly now. As suggested by you i have checked templates are being used by adding the config from the template debugging docs, I have checked my Check your error logs as well.

Thanks for sharing

I truly appreciate your timely assistance and valuable insights.

Thank you.

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