Trouble with i18nTextcollectorTask

Silverstripe Version:
all 4.x versions
When I run the dev/tasks/i18nTextcollectorTask on any SS 4 site, I get many errors.
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Errors I get are multiple of the following.

[User Notice] Missing localisation default for key Shown at the top of the browser window and used as the “linked text” by search engines.

[User Warning] Error concatenating localisation key

[User Notice] Missing localisation default for key Title

Many of these errors are thrown by SS core code in framework or cms as well as modules.

This is probably related to the issues logged here: [I18N] Fix all instances of incorrect translation syntax · Issue #8356 · silverstripe/silverstripe-framework · GitHub

They’re user warnings, so won’t necessarily break things, but it looks like there are fixes in the pipeline

That are not errors that are Notices and Warnings. I stumbled about this a few weeks again and I was told that the textcollector task is not supposed to work with out warnings an notices for now by @robbieaverill. Never the less the translations should work. And as @Tim said there are fixes in the pipeline.

Yeah, well it is supposed to work without warnings but at the moment it doesn’t. That issue linked about should return it to a reasonable state again. You’re right, they don’t prevent the text collector from running, just fills up the console with warnings =)