Unused files

I know the approximate size of your system is 40 MB. Why do you add all the extra files in the final package of the site?

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Don’t know where you get 40MB from. The /vendor/silverstripe directory alone is 242.4MB inside there /admin is 45.4 MB.

I’m guessing the git history is included in this download for the silverstripe repos and all their dependencies, which might make up a substantial/majority portion of the file size.

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Yes, I think that too (I do not want to download such beast just to check :slight_smile:).

I opened an issue on GitHub because I think this is just an oversight (4.3.0 packages were 14 and 11 Mb).

oh. I just posted a new query reg this. I am a total newbie to SS, comnig from ProcessWire background