Update my current project in silver stripe 4.1 to update 5.1

Silverstripe 5.1

In update silver stripe 4.1 to 5.1 , I run composer update comand in my linux CLI.But thre some confilct again and again.

Problem 1
- silverstripe/mfa 4.8.0-beta1 requires silverstripe/framework 4.13.0-beta1 → satisfiable by silverstripe/framework[4.13.0-beta1].
- silverstripe/mfa[4.8.0-rc1, …, 4.x-dev] require silverstripe/framework ^4.10 → satisfiable by silverstripe/framework[4.10.0-beta1, …, 4.x-dev].
- silverstripe/framework[4.10.0-beta1, …, 4.11.x-dev] require silverstripe/vendor-plugin ^1.4 → found silverstripe/vendor-plugin[1.4.0-beta1, …, 1.x-dev] but it conflicts with your root composer.json require (2.0.2).
- silverstripe/framework[4.12.0-beta1, …, 4.x-dev] require silverstripe/vendor-plugin ^1.6 → found silverstripe/vendor-plugin[1.6.0, …, 1.x-dev] but it conflicts with your root composer.json require (2.0.2).
- Root composer.json requires silverstripe/mfa ^4.8 → satisfiable by silverstripe/mfa[4.8.0-beta1, …, 4.x-dev].

I want to update to 5.1 version and How require this packages?

The error message tells you where to start… it looks like you have silverstripe/mfa in your composer.json file, set to ^4.8, and that package only works with Silverstripe version 4.

If you look at the package page: GitHub - silverstripe/silverstripe-mfa: MultiFactor Authentication for Silverstripe CMS you can see the latest version (which works with CMS5) is 5.1.1 so you’ll need to change that version in your compose file too. If you set the constraint to something like ^5.1 and re-run the composer update then it should either work, or you may see some more errors about other conflicts.

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