Update SS without composer - f.e. over FTP ?


Hello - i am new to this Forum and to SS too.
Is there a way to upgrade an existing SS3 to the latest SS3 via FTP and not with Composer?
We have to switch to PHP 7 because hoster will disable PHP 5.6 very soon …
i already searched many Hours for that, but there are only Solutions with SSH and or Composer . but i Need a solution for a shared hosted Website - so there i have only FTP to do this…
please help
best regards

  • Download the entire site to a development machine where you have full control, can enable error logging, have SSH access, etc. (this can be a local LAMP stack, Docker, etc)
  • Do the upgrade in the local environment and test it fully
  • Upload the new files to your host

It’s always better to test updates and upgrades on something other than your production server!