Update SS without composer - f.e. over FTP ?

Hello - i am new to this Forum and to SS too.
Is there a way to upgrade an existing SS3 to the latest SS3 via FTP and not with Composer?
We have to switch to PHP 7 because hoster will disable PHP 5.6 very soon …
i already searched many Hours for that, but there are only Solutions with SSH and or Composer . but i Need a solution for a shared hosted Website - so there i have only FTP to do this…
please help
best regards

  • Download the entire site to a development machine where you have full control, can enable error logging, have SSH access, etc. (this can be a local LAMP stack, Docker, etc)
  • Do the upgrade in the local environment and test it fully
  • Upload the new files to your host

It’s always better to test updates and upgrades on something other than your production server!

Thank you for your feedback!
I have now a dev-environment.
But i am not able to update the project.
this is my first time and i checked all i have found in “internet” , but never get a “final” version …
is it possible for to describe the upgrade step-by-step in an understandable way ?
best regards


It’s going to be quite hard to give a comprehensive guide to upgrading the site, since it could have custom code, unusual configuration or 3rd party modules which may need looking at.

If the site was installed with composer, then a lot of the upgrade work can be done automatically.

If you look through the documentation page here: Upgrading – SilverStripe Documentation

That provides a lot of the key steps you’ll need to take for a composer upgrade or a manual upgrade. It refers to an older release, but the logic is very much the same.