Urgently needed: improve gridfield experience

It seems to me that for Silverstripe to be the world’s beste CMS, we need to urgently implement better buttons (save and next, save and close, next, previous, etc…) and improved pagination (e.g. real URLs to pages in a gridfield) into the core of the Grid Field so that “out of the box”, content editors have a superb experience when doing data-entry (i.e. at the core of Silverstripe lies the concept of being able to manipulate data using a CMS).

Do you see it this way?



Would be great to have at least a create button on edit screens. A duplicate button would be nice too.

It’s currently a click fest trying to create a bunch of things in quick succession.

Pretty sure some of better buttons functionality is set to happen in the coming months (add, next, prev), to add it to core. Prev, Next and Create buttons on detail GridField forms · Issue #436 · silverstripe/silverstripe-admin · GitHub

I definitely agree! A related pain point for me is the gridfield delete button only deletes the draft and leaves an orphaned live version. I’ve seen workarounds for this one, like removing the delete button, but that’s a bandaid, not a fix.

Delete should be a 2-in-1 action for SS4 “Unpublish and archive”, if that isn’t the case then we need to raise an issue to make it like that.

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Also, I wish we easily had the capability to create and close a DataObject on one click, instead of clicking Create and then having to move the mouse over to a link (a small target) up in the navigation*

* I could be wrong and this feature already exists (I’m still on a somewhat outdated version of SS).