Use BulkUploader direct on File no ItemClass

Silverstripe Version: 4.x

Question: Filenames are not set on Bulkupload

I want to use BulkUpload direct on a has_many File relation without an extra Class like GalleryItem or something. Problem is that Filenames are not being set. The Files get Uploaded but the DataObjects are not generated Correctly.

PS: I don’t want to autopublish them because they should get publishd on date with embargo expiry![Screenshot_2020-08-10%20SilverStripe%20-%20Seite%20bearbeiten|690x462](upload://iJ6RBiHm6OHMAsUxdyJuk4Akta7.png)

    private static $has_many = [
        "Downloads" => File::class
  private static $owns = [
        $config = new GridFieldConfig_RelationEditor();

        $bulk = new BulkUploader();
        $bulk->setUfSetup( "setFolderName", "Pressefotos/".$this->ID);
        $config->addComponent(new BulkManager());