UserForm Set-Up: Send Email To question/bug?

**Silverstripe Version:4.11.2

I think there is a bug or I missed configuring something towards the Send Email To field.

I thought I could send a confirmation email to a client by adding the Email that the user entered in the form field to the Send Email To field when I add a recipient.

Instead I get a weird selection of fields that are not related to the email offered as select options. (Please see attached image.)

Where did I miss to configure something so that the Email field is selectable as it is for the Email for reply to field.

Thank you very much.

If you really want to have the userforms module send emails back to the submitter in that way, then think you’ll probably need to set the allow_unbound_recipient_fields config to ‘true’

It’s there to help reduce the risk of someone randomly setting email addresses and hijacking your form to send out emails to them. (So think carefully about implementing it!)

  allow_unbound_recipient_fields: true

I think I’d avoid doing it and maybe use an auto-responder on the email address which recieves the submission instead. That way you reduce the possibility for form hijacking, and the user gets a notification that their message has actually been received (rather than just a confirmation that it was captured by the website)

Hi Tim,

That’s actually a really good point.
My clients used to have this set up, but that was on version 3.x. Now we upgraded their website and they miss this drop down.
In their case it is probably not an issue as the form is only available temporarily and the users have to be logged in in order to see it, but it is still a good point.

Thanks for this.