Userforms datefield in locale that doesn't use en_US format doesn't validate

Userforms datefield is never validated if sitelocale is set different to en_US (e.g. i18n::set_locale(‘nl_BE’):wink: When using this the datefield in Userforms never validates. You always get the error_message that the date is not valid.
Can somebody help me out?

Another issue with this that IE and Safari don’t support native html5 Datepicker. Is it possible to use the old jquery datepicker instead of the nativ html5 one?


I recently had the same question about the date picker.

Add this to your composer to bring back a calendar

    "silverware/calendar": "^1.1",

Link: GitHub - praxisnetau/silverware-calendar: SilverWare Calendar Module

Recently answered here:

Sorry can’t help with your locale validation.

Thanks Gelert, I allready added that module and that replaces calendar in Safare (not in IE)