Using admin interface remove border around image

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Using admin interface remove border around image

I’m a new user. I logged into the admin portal. On my page I added an image. Silverstripe has added a border I never wanted to it.

How do I remove that border???

If I edit using the “code editor” popup, my edits are never saved.

Why is this so difficult??? It should be blindingly simple!

Why add a border that was NEVER wanted or asked for in the first place??


Given you mentioned the “code editor”, I assume this is in the WYSIWYG editor. You should set the css for the editor using the SilverStripe\Forms\HTMLEditor\TinyMCEConfig.editor_css configuration property. Here is an example from the silverstripe/admin module:

    - 'silverstripe/admin:client/dist/styles/editor.css'