Using Form Field setTemplate crashes SilverStripe/Apache


When I create a new form field and use setTemplate() SilverStripe/Apache crashes

I have played around with all sorts of locations for my custom FormField_holder template and backslashes/forward slash in the path. But, if SS cannot find my template the field is rendered with the default and if it can find it SS crashes. I have also had SS throw an error that it cannot stat the template, but I cannot seem to reproduce this at time of writing.

Here is the code I am using to create the Form object.

$fields = FieldList::create(

	->setTemplate('Forms\\FormField_holder') // crashes site!!

	->setTemplate('Forms\\FormField_holder') // crashes site!!

	,TextareaField::create('Message','How can we help you?')


$actions = FieldList::create(
	FormAction::create('submit','Send Message')

$required = RequiredFields::create(

$form = Form::create(

And the contents of app\templates\Forms\

<div class="field<% if $extraClass %> $extraClass<% end_if %>">
    <% if $Title %><label for="$ID">$Title</label><% end_if %>

This is driving me up the wall, so I really hope someone can point me in the right direction!


Turns out you need to use setFieldHolderTemplate() when specifying a title in the creation argument list…