Using Redirector pages to point to a URL with anchor

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Silverstripe Version: 4.3


I am having trouble getting a redirector page to point to a page with a # anchor on the end. Every time I add a link and click Save it empties the field. If I just point to a direct URL it stores it fine. Does this sound like a bug or am I missing something?


Sounds a bit curious. I’ve just tested it here and can’t actually replicate it (it saves fine):

So, in answer to the question… I’m not sure what you could be missing really… it’s just a form field, and I don’t think there’s a specific bug.

Do you have anything installed (add-ons, etc.) which could be affecting the site?


It was the Cyber-Duck/Silverstripe-SEO module. I had to uninstall it because the SEO button in the CMS left hand menu caused an Internal Server error (500).


I have uninstalled the Silverstripe-SEO module (which incidentally doesn’t work either!) and that seems to be working fine now! Thank you.

To uninstall a module do I just remove the entry in the composer files and run an update or is there a specific uninstall command in composer?


Your way is fine, or you can do with with the remove command:
composer remove thevendorname/the-module-name


Which module was causing the issue? Sounds like something worth reporting as a bug on that specific module.