Video module


We have a Silverstripe website that we manage on behalf of a client. Unfortunately the developer who built the site is no longer available to use, so we are trying to make the necessary updates. The issue we are having is with a ‘Videos’ module that appears as an item in the left hand menu of the CMS. It says we need to add a ‘code’ for each video. What code would that be? and where do I generate it from?

Any help would be great.

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It’s a bit of a difficult one to answer without seeing the actual screen / site code. Can you see what the
video code looks like in other videos which are already on the site?

If it starts with <iframe..., it may be something as simple as a YouTube embed code (which can be found in the ‘share’ section under the video on YouTube).

If it’s not that simple, then a screenshot may help… or failing that, you might need a developer to look at the site to identify how the video system has been implemented.

Thanks for responding so quickly. This is the screen I see when it comes to uploading videos.

With the code, the existing videos on the site aren’t full URLs, but instead are a series of numbers, such as ‘12345678’. Which is why I can’t work out how I could generate a similar code to upload other videos.


It’s hard to be certain in that case. Are the videos hosted on YouTube? If so, then it could be just the video ID (eg. YE7VzlLtp-4) If it’s Vimeo, then it could be much the same (eg. 1084537)

You can possibly tell by looking at the actual video page on the site… it might provide some clues where the videos are coming from.

I think you might be right there with the Vimeo code, as it matches the format that we can see on the existing videos on the site. Thanks so much for your help.