Vimeo Embed links no longer working

Silverstripe Version - unknown! sorry

We have recently noticed that embedded vimeo links are not viewable on our website. My guess is that this is some sort of of security issue, as our website has only recently become secure (https://). When we view the website as (http://) we can still view the vimeo videos. Has anyone else had this issue and can help?

Based on the description, it does sound like a security issue. If the video embeds are set up using http, and the site is running https, then browser security rules are most likely blocking them.

How are the videos being added in the CMS? Are they just in the WYSIWYG editor, or are they in a custom field, etc.?

If you’re able, try adding a new video using the https protocol, and see if it works… that would at least confirm the theory.

Hi Tim, a website company built our website, and had a custom vimeo field. It doesnt matter if the vimeo link is https or http. We arent able to see either now that we have become a https website. Agh so frustrating. Not sure where to turn next as the company that built our site are no longer in operation.

Do the URLs for the embedded videos use http:// or https://? If they do not use https:// then you will probably just need to update the URLs (i.e. basically the issue is probably what Tim said)

Thanks Guy, i tried this and it hasnt fixed the problem :frowning: Any other ideas? Thanks

I had assumed you were embedding the videos directly in the WYSIWYG editor.
Given that this is a custom field, you will need to engage a software developer to look into this for you as it sounds like a code change is