Wh does fileupload(mp4) stop?

SS 4.4


I try to upload a mp4-file with 7mb size. It always stops width roundabout 30% uploaded…

In the app.yml I increased the upload_limit like that:

    '[image]': '3m'
    '[doc]': '5m'
    'mp4': '10m'


    post_max_size:64M (Default)
    upload_max_filesize:64M (Default)

Is there an alternative way to upload bigger files via ftp and sync them?

Thanks in advance

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Not sure this is your problem but, AFAIK, the size check kicks in before the uploading so, if your upload stops at 30%, I guess this is not a size problem. Are you sure you are not hitting a time limit?

In any case you should check your webserver log (and eventually the php-fpm log, if you are using it) to exactly know the root cause.

I’m interested on this one too: in the initial deployment I have to reupload everything. In SilverStripe 3 there was a Sync options.

The SilverStripe developers are already aware of this though, I bet because they need that too : )

The web server (apache or nginx, for example) can also limit the size of the upload. Check client_max_body_size (nginx) or LimitRequestBody (apache) settings. These should be set to 0 (zero) for unlimited; that way you can use PHP’s settings (upload_max_filesize and post_max_size) to control this.