When I click on a menu SS adds a / after url

Hey. This is probably a stupid error.
I am creating the Login pages/ Member area. Just done with it, but sometimes when I click maybe on a menu voice, or on the registration link, Silverstripe automatically adds a “/” after the url and i see an unstyled page, instead of the page i’ve created and styled. When i remove it and go on the page, i see every thing correctly.
Can someone help me? Thanks

I’d check if SS_BASE_URL value in settings is correct. Otherwise, it’s hard to guess what exactly is wrong there. Is the problem with adding a “/”, or with it not working properly? Otherwise, those are technically two different URLs and Silverstripe CMS does not support their interchangeability out of the box.

Hi. I’ve solved. Just missing the <% base_tag %>.
Thanks :wink: