Where is silverstripe name comes from?

I have a project about silverstripe and one of the topic includes the name and where its come from so i looked everywhere and didnt see a single thing about the name. And my last chance to find the answer is here, i hope. There is anyone knows how they come up with this name ?

I think it comes from the butterfly

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Bro thanks a lot is it hugee <3 <3 :smiley: I was like what i’m gonna right about this topic and you just saved me thankss :slight_smile:

Silverstripe is named after a type of bamboo. I think it was one of the founders Tim Copeland who came up with it. Formerly the company was called Totally Digital.

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This might help you with some content. No longer being maintained but has some dates and facts for you…

I was okey with any information but this is gold. Thank you for your time. :smiley: <3