where to start learning silverstripe?

Silverstripe Version: 4

Where to start learning how to use silverstripe?

Sorry for such a question which seems a bit provocative. I started with the lessons that are available here, but with lesson #6 there was too much distance between the written word and e.g. the examples that can be downloaded from github. (When needed, I can go into more detail.)

I looked at amazon, but the only books I found where a few versions behind the current version of SilverStripe. And google didn’t bring up anything that I could use (except the lessons provided here).

Thank you (in advance) for your help,


I don’t think any books have been published in years, and they usually get outdated fairly quickly. The lessons will be the best place to get started with SilverStripe. If you need some help feel free to ask questions here or on Slack or Stack Overflow, the community is pretty supportive.

If you find an issue with a lesson it would be great to let the creators know as well. I’m not sure the preferred way for getting feedback but you could try opening an issue here: Issues · silverstripe/silverstripe-lessons-v4 · GitHub

Hello, Jono -

thanks for your feedback. It looks like UncleCheese isn’t around here any more (the last post dates back three years), but I can try to open an issue @ GitHub.

My main problem is that I need at least a small guideline on starting with SilverStripe (for creating a new project, not migrating an existing one).


Hi George.

You could also try the SilverStripe Community Slack Channel. And in the off chance that you’re in New Zealand, SilverStripe offers Developer and CMS training.

Cheers, Aidan

Good morning, Aidan -

thanks for the link, I will take a look (or more than just one).

And as I’m living in Germany, the idea with New Zealand is challenging, but a bit off limits, at least for now.