Write a query to get data and allowed in ss file

Silverstripe 4:

How to write a query to allowed in ss file and show on screen?

I want write like $getType = ProductType::get()->filter…
but i dont know how to write. I get Types when i write in sqlQuery format

[$sqlQuery = " SELECT Title FROM Devmac_Object_ProductType WHERE ID IN ($strProductListID)";
$objResult = DB::query($sqlQuery);

Not sure I understand, but you need to append first() or last() if you want a single instance otherwise you will always get a list, e.g.:

$type = ProductType::get()->filter(...)->first();

I want to write below query into your suggested query format,

sqlQuery = " SELECT Title FROM Devmac_Object_ProductType WHERE ID IN ($strProductListID)";


  1. Title is Column Name.
  2. Devmac_Object_ProductType is Table Name.
  3. $strProductListID is array of id (i.e. 2,3,4,4)

But I want the whole Title’s which matches with those ids.
Thank you for the suggestion and quick replay.

No idea why you prefix an array of IDs with $str, but something like the following code should give you the idea:

$matches = ProductType::get()->filter([ 'ID' => [ 2, 3, 4 ] ]);
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