WYSIWYG always appears twice

Silverstripe 3.7.3

WYSIWYG / HTML editor always appears twice in the admin panel

Please see attached photo:

Every time I log in onto the admin and click any page, I will see WYSIWYG twice everywhere, not only for content but for all places (if I have more), when I click again same page it will reload and will look OK, do you have any idea what can cause this problem, maybe some plugin?

I’m using following plugins:

  • betterbuttons
  • gridfieldextensions
  • honeypot
  • menumanager
  • referer-tracker
  • prev-next
  • siteconfig
  • sortablefile

Many thanks for any help.


whats the ID of the fields? The upper should be Form_ItemEditForm_Content_Holder,… but what about the 2nd?

They look the same to me:

sorry for late reply,… hope you solved your problem in the meanwhile?
you could remove each of your componenets one by one to see if one of them causes that magic :wink: