After migrating SS4, multiple Files not Found in SS4 Assets Admin


It all started when I moved the site from one server to another…

I’m not sure how go about solving this one. I’m getting this message on multiple files:

But, then other files are fine, such as this fine picture of a mountain:

Hi @mckinselberg,

Not sure what you already tried, what I’d check:

  • Is the path on the new server identical to the one on the old server, if not did you update .htaccess?
  • Are the ‘not found’ files by any chance unpublished? If so, did you copy along the ‘protected-assets’ directory while migrating?
  • What is the exact path of the files not found, is an actual file present at the path?
  • Are you using the SS4.1 option of pointing the webroot to the ‘public’ subdir (and did you configure that on the new environment as well?)

Thanks @MicSchk,

I checked 1-3 and realized that there was an error in the way I transferred the files. I can explain further, but essentially, some files were not included in the transfer.

I’d like to learn more about #4, and the way Silverstripe exposes assets, more generally, but it was not applicable.


A new problem has arisen, which is related, but may require a different topic.

I just uploaded some files to the new server and when I navigate to those files the previews are broken links and the files are ‘not founds’. Sounds like a permissions problem. Is that the right track?

Here are the errors I’m seeing:

Server responded with an error. Authentication required

Unexpected token > in JSON at position 0