Site Search

Silverstripe 4

I have been trying to figure out how to get a simple site search to work. The default has a $SearchForm included but this appears to do nothing.

I have tried using this function: FulltextSearchable::enable(); which is referenced in the SS3 docs but this ends up showing a server error for the entire site, am I missing something here?

I have gone through the docs for SS4 but found very little reference to a site search that I can see. This page shows you how to build a search form but this seems a bit overkill for a simple search.

I am fairly new to Silverstripe so would appreciate any pointers, I would have thought a site search is a fairly basic and standard feature on sites these days and am surprised it isn’t immediately obvious whether this is included in Silverstripe.

Happy to stand corrected.


Nice, that has done the trick.

I still had to manually adjust some of the DB tables to use MyISAM as the storage engine but it is all working smoothly.

Thanks for the help!

Is it possible to limit PageTypes. For example if you only want to get results PageType Product…