What happened to the Release Archive page?


check this:


Where has the list of old releases gone?

I know I can look for releases in GitHub too:

But it would be nice to see them in silverstripe.org too :).

I think you answered your own question :slight_smile:

As you say, the list of old releases can be found on the github page for the projects. Whilst it’s a convenience to have them listed on the site, I suspect the move is to try and ensure that people use the latest version of the software and manage it with composer. (These are good things in my view)

Yea, seems right. I think that these reasons should be described on that page too :). And add the GitHub release listing links to that page too. Then it would be perfectly fine. :slight_smile:

Reasoning and workarounds can be found here:

Oh, makes sense not to create downloadable zip archives anymore.

But still: the download/release-archive page is a bit confusing :). Maybe the page should be removed completely? Or put there a notice and a link to the above mentioned GitHub issue #9232, keep it for a while and maybe remove the page after a few months?

It’s true, the ‘Release Archive’ label doesn’t make sense with the current contents :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Maybe beneath the latest stable composer installation instructions (currently 4.5) there could also be installation commands for any other versions that aren’t EOL? Currently that would be 4.4 and 3.7 as per roadmap.

I asked about it in the GitHub issue you linked. Taking care of the release archive page is on a todo list, just not done yet :).

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