Why SS is so huge in file size to Download

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Question: Why SilverStripe download size is huge ?

Details of your query go here I am a newbie to SS. I have done a few websites in ProcessWire CMS, now I got a new project for creating a custom web application ( lots admin panel, tables etc ) . So I was looking for a framework than a CMS. I read about SilverStripe reviews and looks promising. But when I tried to download, the file size is 297MB !

Why so ? Processwire is just 12MB. I am curious to know why this much size for a CMS / CMF as SilverStripe ?

please let me know

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This is discussed here: Unused files
It looks like additional files such as git history, etc. were incorrectly included in the download bundle.

I generally use composer to install the code, since it makes managing it simpler going forward, and in that case you should just get the code and not the additional files.